I Can From My Eyes

I can, from my

Eyes, tell you new

Tidings, that are so

Pleasing to the heart,

That in sweetness love

Sighs. This new pleasure

That my heart feels, 

Was caused only by 

Seeing a woman that

Is so gentle and

Beautiful, and so adorned

That the heart greets

Her: her beauty can’t

Be known by vile

People: her colors call

The intellect to great

Courage. I see, that

In her eyes shines

The virtue of love

So gentle, that every

Sweet delight I comprehend:

And moves then a

Subtle soul, respect for

Which every other is

Vile; and it’s not

Possible to judge her,

Other than to say,

This is a new

Splendor. Go ballad, and

Find this woman and

Ask for mercy, that

Her eyes full of

Pity will move toward 

You, for all faith

Rests in her; and

If she grants you

Grace, in a happy

Voice she will demonstrate

She has done you honor.

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