The Eyes Of That Gentle Woman

The eyes of that

Gentle woman have

Distressed my mind.

No one else, only

Her, I desire. She

Wounds me yes, when

I look at her, that

I feel a sigh

Tremble in my

Heart. Leaving her

Eyes, there where I

Burn, a very gentle

Spirit of love, which

Is full of so much

Courage, that when

It reaches me, my

Soul departs like

One that suffers in exile.

Then I hear circling

Around me sighs, when

Her mind reasons with

Me: and the air

Starts raining martyrs that

Draw pains from me.

Yes, every virtue abandons

Me in a way

Unknown to me there.

It seems that death

Moves her to mercy.

Yes, I feel undone, 

Mercy doesn’t dare

Enter my thoughts: I 

Find love, who says:

She is so gentle,

You can’t imagine it.

No man on earth 

Would dare look at

Her unless he wishes

To tremble: and if

I look at her

I’ll die. Ballad, when

You’re in the presence

Of this gentle woman,

So that you can

Tell her about my

Anguished pains, say:

The one who sends

Me is very anxious

And he says, he

Has no hope of

Finding pity in so

Much courtesy that he

Could ever accompany you.

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