When Death Comes To Me

When death comes to

Me, with a joyful

Heaviness like a great

Grief, the spirit of

Love invites me? Why

Invite my heart to

Love? Leave it, 

It’s full of pain

And everywhere sighs are

A prison. Almost, even

Mercy could not

Respond. Virtue stripped,

I’m breathlessly, almost conquered;

Songs, pleasure and benign

Laughter, to me are

Pain and sighing; look

At me and see, 

Death in my eyes

Has risen. Love, that

Is born of similar 

Pleasures, in my heart

Rests, forms desire into

A new person, but

Makes virtue fall from

Sight; if love already

Doesn’t dare to feel, 

How do I serve this guide:

Why does love reason

With me? I think, 

Only to see me

Ask mercy from death,

And every pain added.

Also, no one ever

Said death in my 

Heart is a hurt

Heart, that goes around

Cruelly talking about

Love, that increases my

Worries, breathlessly, there where

I lost all courage.

At that accursed point, 

Love was born in

Like manner, that,

My proud life was 

So, pleasing to him.

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