I Was Thinking About Love

I was thinking about

Love, when I found

Two young women; one

Sang: the joy of

Love is raining within

Us. Their style was

So, cool, quiet, courteous

And humble, I said

To them: you carry

The keys to every

High and gentle virtue:

Oh! Young women, do

Not think I’m vile:

Because of the guilt

I carry, my heart

Is dead, that’s why

I went to Toulouse

And with their eyes

They turned to see

My wounded heart; it

Was like a crying

Spirit was born and

from within my guilt

It departed. That’s why

They looked at me

Dumbfounded, the one

Who was smiling said:

Look how the joy

Of love has conquered

This man. So, courteously

She responded, the one

Who at first was laughing.

She said: the woman

That is in your

Heart has shown the

Power of love upon

Your face, has made

Love appear within your

Eyes: if your suffering

Is severe, that’s what

Love recommends. The other

One, full of mercy and 

Made for joy, in

The figure of love,

Said: your guilt that

I see within your

Heart, was made by

The eyes of a great

Courage that has left within

You a magnificence,

But I can’t see: tell 

Me: can you remember

Her eyes? With her 

Question, I said to

The woman: I remember,

In Toulouse, a

Woman appeared sharply dressed

And well put together 

Whom love called, Mandy.

She came swift and

Strong and deadly. I 

Was struck down 

By her eyes. 

Go Toulouse, 

My, ballad. Enter quietly

Underneath the golden roof

And call out, for 

Your courtesy, any beautiful

Woman, and say in

Front of her, I 

Have prayed for you;

And she will receive 

You and softly say:

In mercy and grace

I’ve come to you.

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