See I’m The One

See, I’m the one

That goes about crying, 

And I demonstrate the 

Justice of love; and already

I don’t find anyone 

With pity’s heart, that,

Sees me and sighs.

New pains come into

My heart that hurt

Me and I cry 

Hard; and many times,

By surprise, the agony

Of death arrives, that

Makes people take notice,

And they say amongst

Themselves: this one is

In pain; from the

Outside he looks bent,

And within he has

New miseries. A heavy

Weight descended on

My heart, certain spirits

Were already consumed, that

Had come to defend my

Painful heart, I had

Called them: and they left 

My eyes abandoned, then 

In my mind I

Hear a voice say:

The misery within, that

Dies, but watch out

When misery takes aim.

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