This Harsh and New Misadventure

This harsh and new

Misadventure has defeated my 

Heart and every sweet

Thought I had about

Love. Defeat is already

Very much a part

Of my life. That

Sweet and gentle woman

Is gone and my 

Soul is destroyed; yes, 

I don’t even see 

The place where she

Was: there is no 

Strength left in me 

To comprehend in my

Mind the flower of 

Her worth. All gentle 

Thought has died because, 

I say, I’ll never

See her, again, this

Pitiless and harsh torment, 

That increases my burning,

Bitterness: I can’t find

Anyone to take pity

Me, lord, have 

Mercy on me as 

The painful wheel of 

Fortune turns. I’m full

Of every pain and 

In a fearful place 

Where my painful heart

And spirit, because fortune 

Doesn’t care about me, 

Are dead and I’m 

So sorry; and 

False hope, in time,

Has died and robbed

Me of delightful hours.

My words are defeated

And fearful, as they 

Go about sighing

And ashamed and

The name of my

Woman I call: I,

Also, remain in heavy,

Adversity and what foresight 

Sees is the color 

Of death below me.

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