In A Forest I Found A Shepherdess

In a forest I

Found a shepherdess, more

Beautiful than a star

She seemed to me.

Blonde, curly hair and

Eyes full of love;

A pale rose. With

A stick she pastured

Lambs; barefoot and wet

With dew; singing like

She was in love. 

She was adorned in

All pleasantness. With love

I saluted her immediately

And asked her if

She was alone: and

She responded sweetly, I’m

All alone in this

Forest: she said: when

The birds begin to

Sing, that’s when my

Heart seeks a lover.

As she was speaking 

Of her condition, birds

Began to sing in

The forest, to myself

I said: is this

The season of joy

To take this shepherdess;

With mercy I asked 

Her for just a

Kiss, and she embraced

Me, willingly. She took

Me by love’s hand,

Willingly and said, I

Give you my heart.

She led me to

A leafy, place and

I saw flowers of

Every color and I

Drank of so much

Pleasure that I saw

The god of love there.

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