Because I Do Not Hope To Return, Again

Because I do not

Hope to return, again,

Ballad, to Tuscany, you

Go light and easy

Straight to my woman

That for her courtesy

She will do you

Great honor. You bring

New sighs full of

Pain and much fear,

But see that no

Person sees you that

Is an enemy of 

Gentle nature; for sure,

My misadventure you contest,

Far from you held

And I’m anguished and

After death I cry

With new pains. You,

Listen, Ballad, death holds

Me so tightly that

Life has abandoned me;

Listen how my heart

Beats strongly for her.

Then, each spirit reasons,

I’m so distressed that

I can’t suffer; if 

You want to help

Me, take my soul

With you when you

Leave my heart. Yes,

Ballad, to your friendship 

And this soul that 

Trembles, I recommend bringing

It with you, in

Pity, to that beautiful

Woman to whom I 

Send you. Yes, Ballad,

Tell her sighing when

You present yourself, your

Servant has come to

Stay with you, departed 

From him who was

A servant of love. My

Bewildered and weak voice

That exits crying from

My painful heart, with

My soul and this

Ballad, go reason about

My ruined mind. You,

Go and find a

Pleasing woman with a

Sweet intellect, that will

Delight you, and keep

Her in front of

You, soul, and you

Adore her with all

Your strength.

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